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Seat Selection

Have you ever noticed that when you go to a movie there are usually little pockets of people, unless itís a large crowd? Then why is it that when you finally find that perfect spot, away from everyone, albeit almost on top of the screen, someone has to sit either directly in front of you, directly behind you, or even right next to you? This is the one thing that really bothers me when I go to movies. When people are right up against me, I can not enjoy myself the way that I want to. I canít talk to the person next to me (whispers of course). I canít stretch out or put my coat on the chair next to me. Iíve also had the pleasure of sitting next to people who smell, who talk through out the movie about everything except the movie, and who are so tall that I can not see the screen. Why should I have to move when I arrived early to get this prime spot? I say there should be some kind of theatre etiquette which everyone must abide by. Tall people in the back rows, children with their parents only, no cell phones or you forfeit your ticket, and please, please, please, shower and brush your teeth before you come or at least a Tic-Tac and some deodorant. And if you found out some really great news that you are just dying to share, either wait until you get home, or skip the movie and go to a coffee shop instead. Who wants to spend $20 and then listen to a mindless conversation about the new Prada fall line?